Monday, October 25, 2010

Deep Thoughts of an Un-Pampered Chef.

I love to cook. I love to make candles. I love to talk about it. This is not my first attempt at blogging, my original blog was about the knee replacement surgery I had last year, . I have 3 followers there, so hopefully I will spark a bit more interest here! At the time I thought talking about my experience would be helpful because there were so many little unpleasant things that were a normal part of the experience that I didn't know about until they happened to me. The more time that went by though, the harder it was to remember a lot of the details, and eventually I stopped wanting to talk about it and it became just a chore that I didn't want to finish. Like cleaning my house. It was time to move on and put it behind me, so that blog will probably either go away or just sit there. This is going to be so much more fun!

I became a real Pampered Chef consultant about 12 or 13 years ago. The idea was that this would take off and become my full time job so I could get out of the hospital shift work. I wanted to do something fun that didn't suck the life out of me. Well, before I even held my first show the person who recruited me quit, leaving me pretty much flailing and clueless trying to do this on my own. It was great fun, I had the opportunity to cook and demonstrate the products in some really fabulous kitchens, and I really loved that. To this day I sometimes find myself demonstrating my knife skills to the cat, who always stares at me as if I just dropped down from the moon. The dogs are just hoping I will launch a piece of carrot across the room in their direction like I did the night I was demonstrating one of the slicing tools at a show. When I announced "...and we have liftoff" I managed to turn an embarrassing moment into a little bit of comic relief. I sold 3 or 4 of those suckers that night! Then there was the night I got halfway to my destination and realized I had forgotten my baking stones... and then after my husband met me halfway with them and I was back on my way, I was delayed by a train that had stopped for 15 minutes on the crossing. Fortunately the guests were all friends and co-workers, and they were happy for the extra time to drink wine and gossip. Anyway, it was fun while it lasted. I soon learned that when they tell you that you can set your own schedule with this business it's not really true. You can control how many shows you do and how busy you are, but you can only do shows when your hostesses are able to host them, which is usually only during evenings and weekends. Trying to juggle that around a full time job was, well, sucking the life out of me, and eventually something had to give. So here I am, still doing the hospital shift work thing, but in a better and much less stressful job, and still cooking up a storm and/or up to my elbows in wax whenever I have the chance.

Did I mention that I love to cook? I am always looking for new recipes, and I can’t resist snapping up all the fall and holiday baking magazines every year. I must have a ton of them! Another favorite is the Cook’s Illustrated magazine. The cover art is suitable for framing, and the recipes are tested over and over until they get it exactly right – and they tell you everything they tried that didn’t work. Plus there is no advertising, so they can test all kinds of products and give their recommendations. Love that! So, this is where I will post my favorite recipes, and I will always tell you where I got them. There are tons of great blogs and cooking sites out there, and I will link to them whenever I share something I got there. Sometimes there will be photos. And cake. I also love to talk about candles, and since I do both tasks in the kitchen, and since most of my candle scents smell like food, I figure the two are somehow related. Right?

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